10 Names For Children. Origin And Meaning


Choosing our baby’s name is super exciting for every mother. That is why I bring you some ideas with which you can be inspired. 

  • Biblical name. Brother of Moses. Of Hebrew origin.

  • Second son of Adam and Eve, of Hebrew origin.

  • First man created by God.

  • Of Hebrew origin. “The favorite son.”

  • Of Germanic origin. “The one with a breastplate.”

  • “Man who is free.”

  • Of Greek origin. “Follower of Christ.”

  • Of Hebrew origin. “The one chosen by the Lord.”

  • Of Hebrew origin. “My God is Jehovah.”

  • Of Greek origin. “Friend of the horses.”

In my next post, I will bring you even more ideas with which you can guide yourself to choose the baby’s name!


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