10 names for girls with the letter “A”

10 names for girls with the letter "A"

One of the best experiences of having a baby is the moment of choosing the name. Of course, it is a decision that you do not want to miss, right?Therefore, here is a small list of 10 names for girls with the letter “A” that may help you.

  • ADA
    Of Hebrew origin, diminutive of Adela and Adelina, it means “ornament, beauty”.

    Of Latin origin, it comes from the Latin term edetana and means “glory”.

    It is the feminine name of Alejandro and means “protector of men.”

    Of Greek origin and means “truth”.

    Of Basque origin and it is believed that it derives from the Basque amao “end or end”.

  • ANA
    Of Sephardic origin, “the kind”.

    Of Greek origin and means “messenger”.

    Of Greek origin, although it comes from the Greek andrós, “man”, Andrea is a neutral name in most countries.

    Of Greek origin and its meaning is “pure and holy.”


In short, the name of your baby is one of the most important things that a mother faces. We want it to be one of the cutest and most tender and reflect her personality. Keep an eye on the listings of the following letters.


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