10 things mothers should not do in front of their children

10 things mothers should not do in front of their children

When we are a father or mother, we try to be the best, almost perfect for our children. We try to give them the right foods at the right times, we try to pamper and love them as much as possible during the day and night. Be aware of them every minute of the day. However, perfection does not exist, therefore our goal should not be to achieve it within our motherhood or fatherhood.

What we must bear in mind is that there are lines that parents should not cross, especially when it comes to the education of our children. One of the “talents” that our children have is that they are at the right time at the wrong time, and so we as parents are exposed before their eyes. What do I mean? Sometimes we lose patience due to the tasks that we have to do during the day, to that we must add the education of our children, and work tasks as well. That is why it is not uncommon for us to lose our minds at times, and it is in these moments that we must be careful that our children do not see us.

  • No matter what you do not want your children will imitate

  • works as you can in your self control and self

  • Learn to breathe and count to 10

  • if one day you out of hand, do not forget explain the situation and apologize

Here you have 10 tips that you as a mother should not do in front of your children, ready?

  1. Do not spend all day on your cell phone

  2. Doswear

  3. notDo not make bad comments about other people

  4. Do not promise things you will not do

  5. Do not commit car violations

  6. Do not overload your children with activities

  7. Avoid bad comments about your appearance

  8. Try not to show your fears in front of your children

  9. When your children are talking to you, do not interrupt and listen to them

  10. Do not force them to tell you something that they do not want to say


That’s right mom, your children’s education not only benefits them, but also you . Take the time to share with them, do not forget that you should not compare them with other children and remember that each one is special.


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