4 Easy recipes for your baby

4 Easy recipes for your baby.

Breast milk is the ideal food for your baby in his first year of life, since it contains all the nutrients that the baby needs for proper development. But reaching 6 months of life, the baby will need other foods a little more solid for its development to be more complete.

This stage is called ablactation, and it is when the baby begins to give up breast milk to have more food. But of course this should be consulted with the pediatrician to see if the baby can or should continue to drink breast milk even if he is already eating porridge. Here we leave you some baby food recipes that you can prepare for those beginnings.


  1. Carrot porridge.
    Peel the carrots and cut them into slices. Heat water and when it is boiling, add the carrots. Lower the heat and let them cook until they are soft. Later, let them cool a bit and mash them.

  2. Broccoli porridge with chicken.
    Heat water and cook the chicken, broccoli and spinach. When the chicken is warm, shredded and then grind all the ingredients.

  3. Pear porridge.
    Split a pear and cut it into small pieces. In boiling water, cook the pear for a few minutes until soft. Let cool and then grind.

  4. Banana porridge with avocado.
    The good thing about this porridge is that the ingredients are already soft. You just have to move them together and that’s it.

Pamper your baby with these easy recipes, you will see that they fascinated him and he will want to try even more!


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