A fun way to teach our children values, respect, and effort

A fun way to teach our children values, respect, and effort

Children definitely love spending time with their parents. And a good way to do it is by reading with them. Reading children’s stories with your children is one of the best habits you can acquire.

For this reason, at Arielo we searched for the best stories that you can read with your little one and share quality time with him. Reading stimulates children’s creativity, in addition to reinforcing the clear parent-child bond. Children’s vocabulary is expanded, values ​​are instilled in them but they are also entertained.

Here we leave you the list.

  1. The boy and the nails.
    This particular tale teaches the consequences of always being in a bad mood. It tells of a boy with a bad character who manages to improve his spirits thanks to a very ingenious method that his father teaches him.

  2. Uga the turtle.
    This little turtle never tried hard because she believed that she would always be the slowest and that she would fail. It shows the value of being persistent and that the result will always be more valuable if it is achieved with effort.

  3. Bubble wants to fly.
    This story teaches that dreams can come true. A little fish called a bubble wanted so much to fly that it practiced daily. He did it with the help of his bird friends.

  4. One of my favorites.
    A wooden child who wants to become a child of flesh and blood, but not without first learning what values, respect and effort are.

  5. Carola’s nightmare.
    A girl who is bored by everything, and is constantly angry with her parents. This story may help your children know what is right and what is wrong with their behavior, as well as recognize some of the attitudes that should change.

What better way to teach children about values ​​and education than with magical stories that capture their imagination. And what better now that we must spend more time at home.


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