Altered foods

Altered foods

What does it cause in our children?

In searching for the provenance of processed foods, I found that allergies in people have increased in more than 17 million people in recent years, especially in children. The thing is, foods today have been genetically modified to make them look more … “juicy.” And all that amount of additives is what actually causes allergies. According to experts, this pathology is expected to increase 50% more in the next 10 years. Children allergic to nuts, milk, eggs and fish. Both in children and adults. There are even cases of adults who had never had any type of allergies, and are now allergic. As I mentioned, this is due to the amount of additives that industries use in food to alter it and make it look more appetizing or larger, of “better quality”.

In recent decades, eosinophilic esophagitis has been diagnosed. A rare disease that inflames the esophagus tube, preventing the proper passage of food. To date science has not been able to determine the exact cause of this new disease, but hypotheses say it may be due to a weak immune system or in relation to food allergies. It seems like we should go back to the old days, where people grew their own food, right? What you could do to avoid these types of problems is to eat foods that are of organic origin. It may not look the best, but we know this won’t hurt like the ones that do look good.


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