Anxiety And Depression, Symptoms That Have Duplicate During The Pandemic

Anxiety And Depression, Symptoms That Have

The Covid-19 pandemic has been more than just a virus that spread throughout the world. Which has brought many misfortunes for many families. But it has also had a huge psychological impact on children. Especially for the alterations it has caused in their lives. Pediatricians warn that psychiatric emergencies have increased by 50% since autumn, especially in adolescents. And it has multiplied by 4 the income, in addition to doubling the eating disorders.

It is warned that if action is not taken, mental health will be the next pandemic. Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, depression, self-harm and somatizations are some of the most common symptoms among children and adolescents. Regarding the risk factors, also included in a position document of the AEP at the end of May, it speaks of:

  • Excess news
  • Uncertainty
  • Social and family
  • distancing Abuse of screens
  • Irregular sleep rhythms
  • Less healthy eating

The best we can do as parents is to spend time with our children. They say that time heals everything, and well, in this case we can also apply it. When children spend time outdoors with family members, their screen time is greatly reduced. Outdoor activities are a good option. And of course, if you suspect or know that your child needs psychological help, do not hesitate to go to a specialized place.


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