Attitudes That Damage The Relationship Between Children And Parents


Of course, all of us, as parents, want to build a healthy bond with our sons and daughters. This bond begins to develop from when they are in the tummy, grows when they are babies and so on. To strengthen this relationship between parents and children, you must always flee from certain attitudes that we can commit unintentionally.

For children, from birth and especially in primary school, parents are the center of their world. The most important thing for them is us, we are their example, and their superheroes. There is nothing better than mom and dad. Therefore, here are some attitudes that parents can have towards their children and that can destroy that bond.

  1. Not spending quality time with children.
    It is true that the lifestyle of many adults can be saturated with tasks, but it is essential to rescue moments for the most important thing we have in our lives: our children.

  2. Not paying attention to the children.
    Do not ask about their things or listen to them part of the relationship or bond that may exist between parents and children. It is important to let our children know that their opinion matters to us.

  3. Punish them frequently.
    Parents who use punishment frequently, rather than positive reinforcement, are not teaching children how to do the right thing. Rather, they are giving them the message that they do everything wrong.

  4. Being overly authoritarian.
    This, in the long run, creates low self-esteem and insecurity in children. You can teach obedience but at the same time be loving with your child.

  5. Not showing affection.
    Telling them how much we love them strengthens the relationship between parents and children. And of course, this creates security and happiness for them.


Therefore, it is important to let the children know that they are important to us and dedicate time to them, but quality time. Tell your child every morning that you adore him and that he is the best thing that ever happened to you. You will see that this will create a pure connection of caring and love



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