Avoid mosquito bites in your children

Avoid mosquito bites in your children

As we well know, summer is here. And with it many mosquito bites. Great isn’t it? The truth is that as it is hotter we tend to discover more of our skin and that of our children and of course, that is a delicacy for mosquitoes and other animals. Although many insect bites do not lead to more than swelling and itching, there are some that can cause allergies. That is why we bring you this small guide of what symptoms we should pay attention to.

When an insect bites us, it causes itching, redness and swelling, depending on the type of insect. Because there will be some that also cause pain or a rash. The truth is that all insects can produce an allergic reaction. Mosquitoes are the insects that most often bite children, but generally have mild reactions. But in some cases the body can overreact to that intruder and an allergic reaction appears. When it comes to an allergic reaction, signs such as itching in the palms of the hands, eyes and redness appear all over the body. It can also be accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting, general malaise, and paleness.

Given these signs, it is important that you call or go immediately to the pediatrician for an intervention. To prevent unwanted bites, clothing that covers the body such as long sleeves and pants can be worn. Avoiding flashy colors. You can apply repellent only if it is advisable for minors. Do not go through humid areas, or near fruit trees, areas with garbage and of course, do not go near bees’ nests.

In case you already know that your child is allergic to an insect bite, always have his medicine on hand and apply it properly.


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