Be The Mom You Would Have Wanted To Have


They say that when we become parents, we usually do the same things that we learned as children, I mean the behaviors for better and for worse that we ourselves experienced when we were children. But don’t see it as a bad thing, look at it as an opportunity to improve as a person.

Above all, be the mother you wish you had as a child. Did your mother give you many rules? Didn’t I take into account how you felt? Was emotion management something unknown? I’m not saying that our parents didn’t want to give us their best, but quite the opposite. However, due to lack of time or ignorance, we have missed more than one thing.

It is there when we have a good opportunity to be better fathers and mothers of our children. Do you agree? STAY WITH THE GOOD, GET AWAY FROM THE BAD

Now that we have children, we come to understand, understand, and get all the meaning out of these gestures and actions. They have done the best they could and we have to thank them, but we go a little further. What if we keep everything that is good and discard everything that is bad? For sure, the following list will help you.

  • We will not give our children huge amounts of chocolates, candy, cookies, etc.
  • We will let our children make their own mistakes and learn from them.
  • We will set rules and limits.
  • We will give hugs, kisses and caresses on demand.
  • We will say “sorry”, “I was wrong”, and “sorry” when required.
  • We will ask our children how they feel and we will take into account what they prefer.
  • We will try that all the things that we must do during the day do not affect the time we spend with our children. We will always find the time for them.

Everything that we would have liked our parents to have done for us or with us, must be done now that we have to be someone else’s mother and father. Remember that for children, parents are superheroes and the best thing that has happened to them in life, and vice versa. Let’s prove it.


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