Behaviors in our children that we must remove immediately

Behaviors in our children that we must remove immediately

How easy it would be that when having a baby, it came with an instruction that told us how to educate it, right? But this is not the case, therefore it is the parents who have to carry out this task. But don’t worry, with Ariel on your side, this won’t be a difficult thing.

In today’s post, I will talk about certain behaviors that children have and that parents must correct immediately. And it is that through observation we will be able to detect those behaviors that can be negative for them.


At the beginning of these attitudes, parents may seem harmless to us, but it is a matter of learning to identify what these toxic and negative attitudes are.

  1. Bad words or rude gestures
    Take a good look at how your child plays. Many parents tend to think that their children are good and innocent at what they do, this is fine but there are games that, even if they seem innocent, can promote negative emotions and behaviors in them and that also normalize violence. Like, for example, fighting games.

  2. Disrespect for other people
    Pay attention to the way your child expresses himself about other people. We may not care when children say of others that they are mean or stupid, but it is important to correct these expressions. With this we teach them that it is not right for others to express themselves in this way and that neither should they disrespect the capacity that other people may have.

  3. Demand instead of asking
    If your child demands your attention instead of asking for it, it is important to make him understand the correct way to ask for what he wants. And not giving in until you ask correctly is just as important.

  4. Not showing empathy for others
    Learning to respect the space of others will naturally make you see that others should also respect your space. This will make them strong and confident.

  5. Difficulty accepting mistakes or reprimands
    If your child feels attacked when you scold him and does not know how to accept his mistakes, it may be due to a lack of self-esteem. You may think that it is less valuable because of the mistake you made and for this reason it is difficult for you to recognize it.

That is why we planted a good harvest seed early on, so that in the future we should not worry about things that may have had a solution from the beginning. It is true that children are the future of this world, but it is parents who have the duty to educate good citizens from home.


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