Being a mother or father is an easy task?

Being a mother or father is an easy task?

Definitely being a mother is one of the best experiences a woman can have in her life.The mother figure is of utmost importance for the growth of a child and influences how this develops in different areas of their life. By becoming a mother, a woman acquires a very great responsibility and a task that can sometimes seem impossible. It should be noted that there is a fine line between a good mother and a toxic mother.

Fortunately, we took on the task of doing some research to give you the best advice on how you can become a good mother without falling into panic and stress.

  • Limits
    It is obvious that every mother wants the best for her child because we love to see them smile and see them happy, however, this does not mean that the child should get away with it as long as they are happy. Setting certain limits and rules can be positive for your child to obtain well-being in his future and thus learn that certain things have limits. Of course, it must be fair to your children, not only applies to one.

  • Learning model
    Children are like sponges that absorb everything around them, mainly the attitude of their parents. The family is one of the main socializing agents, so it is necessary that you educate your child well. The behavior you have in front of your child matters. Your child is constantly observing and the way you behave, he will end up doing the same.

  • Learn to listen
    We may think that we are listening to our children when they are talking to us about something, but it is important that we learn to listen and see what they are feeling as well.

  • Emotions
    It is important that you let your child know that their feelings matter too. Take into account whatever your child has to say to you, this will create a feeling of security and confidence. When he grows up and something happens to him at school or some situation with friends, he will go directly to you for advice.

  • Freedom of expression
    Let your child express what he really feels. Emotions do not disappear if we repress them, but rather the opposite, and this can cause problems in the future. This teaches your child to control his emotions and be a more balanced person.

  • Communication
    Increase the bond between you and your child by having conversations with him. It is important that you communicate daily, it does not matter if it is for anything. This will allow you to get to know your child better and he will learn to trust you.

  • Patience
    We know that being a mother can be complicated and tiring at the same time, sometimes you can feel that the situation gets out of control and you lose your cool. Try to be patient, if you think you are very stressed, take a moment to control yourself and avoid unloading your discomfort with your children. Remember that children are learning and do not yet have a level of reasoning like yours. Be patient. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to know that the responsibilities also belong to the father. Find your balance and help each other so that neither of you falls into deep stress.

  • Avoid arguing in front of your child
    This gives a negative message to the child, as he grows up he will believe that this is how a relationship should be. In addition, arguments in front of children only cause them insecurity and fear.

  • Don’t be too strict
    The blows only attract violence. Avoid them at all times. Being a very strict mother will create a barrier between you and your child. He will feel that he will not be able to tell you anything because you will explode with rage. I am understanding and patient.


Parents are a key piece in the growth of children. The future that the child has depends on the parents, emotionally, physically, mentally and socially. It is up to the parents that children are good people, good citizens in their maturity. Nothing simple huh? Do not be frustrated, because being a father or mother is definitely the best that can exist in the life of a human being.


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