Breast implants and breastfeeding

Breast implants and breastfeeding

One of the questions that many moms with breast implants ask is, Do breast implants affect my baby’s breastfeeding? Pregnancy tends to change the physiology of the breasts, which is why these doubts arise in mothers with implants. In general, breast implants are usually placed behind the pectoral muscle, without contact with the mammary gland. You have to realize that nothing has happened and everything is normal in your breasts. So we ensure that breast implants do not affect the breastfeeding of the baby.

What is recommended by experts is to maintain good posture and avoid unnecessary worries.  As for the scar, it will depend on the technique used by the doctor. The scar that goes under the breasts does not really present any risk. Other types of scars should be evaluated by the specialist who is treating your pregnancy, since the scar that is placed in the periareolar area can be more delicate. The reality is that breastfeeding really depends on many other factors, not implants.

You should not worry, because breastfeeding continues to be possible. Breast milk is not affected if you have implants or not, that will depend on the diet that the mother takes in pregnancy. If you have implants, feel safe to use your breasts as if you did not have them. Either way, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your obstetrician.


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