Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises

Surely you have heard of the childbirth preparation classes where they teach the types of breathing that a mother should do when she is giving birth, these types of breaths make labor easier and more digestible, they start from contractions until the time of the baby’s birth.

There are 3 types of breaths:

  • Breath abdominal
  • Breathing gasping
  • Chest breathing

Each of them has different characteristics, for example:

  1. Abdominal breathing consists of taking air through the nose until you feel the lungs and later, the abdomen swell. Then gradually breathe out as you contract your diaphragm muscles. This type of breathing should be done when strong contractions begin.

  2. Gasping breathing is about breathing more quickly and in a rugged manner, preventing the fundus of the uterus and the diaphragm from coming into contact.

  3. Chest breathing takes two to three short, deep breaths from the chest. Before you breathe out, contract your abdominal muscles and relax your lower pelvis. Let go of the air when you can’t hold it anymore and relax your abdomen.

These exercises can be practiced from home as many times as desired. They do not put the health of the baby or the mother at risk, in addition, it is better to be prepared, don’t you think?


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