Can my baby drink chamomile infusion or not?

Can my baby drink chamomile infusion or not?

It is not something unknown that the chamomile plant has extraordinary properties on the body. Although the use of this plant is mainly related to digestion, the truth is that the benefits obtained from it go beyond improving slow transit. Chamomile was already used as a remedy for ailments for more than 3000 years in ancient Egypt, in the Middle Ages it was used as a medicinal remedy, until today as an infusion to cure pain and anxiety.

It has been proven that it does not have any degree of toxicity, that is
why chamomile infusion can be given to drink, even to a newborn.

We leave you a list of the properties and functions that the chamomile infusion contains and the benefits it can provide to our babies.

Not for nothing is such a pampered plant to be used in products designed for babies.

By increasing serotonin and melatonin levels, it helps reduce anxiety and stress.

For this reason, its use is recommended if the baby suffers from heaviness, it helps reduce gas and colic that the formulas can cause in a newborn.

Phenolic compounds
These help the immune system fight any bacterial infection.

It is recommended to use chamomile alone to cure the empacho or to clean their tummy. Also, chamomile with cumin and star anise to relieve gas or colic.

It is very important to bear in mind that babies who only feed on milk, either breast milk or formula, usually up to 6 months, are already ingesting all the water their body needs each day. If we give chamomile to the baby, his hunger can be satisfied, since his stomach is very small, therefore he can miss a drink of his milk.

This can affect your weight gain and proper development, as chamomile is not a food. Therefore, it is important to know that chamomile is not a substitute for their diet and should only be given to the baby when they suffer from colic or gas. Another benefit that chamomile can have on our newborn is that they can better sleep, for constipation or diarrhea. But, let’s emphasize that chamomile has only medicinal properties.

Things to keep in mind:

● Watch the amount. We cannot find tea bags with the same amount of herbs, but as they are different brands, each one has a different concentration of active ingredients, hence the danger of poisoning.

● Adjust the weight. The weight of the baby must be taken into account, the less he weighs, the less amount he can drink.

● Sugars Do not give your baby infusions full of sugar. There are infusions that are made especially for babies, but these can have large amounts of added sugar.

● It is not a substitute. Chamomile can be given to the baby as long as it is not a substitute for their food.

Either way, being a newborn is a more delicate person, it is important to turn to your pediatrician to clarify any questions you may have regarding your baby.



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