Can Pregnancy Be Planned?


Planning a pregnancy does not always go the way we want it to. Perhaps the right moment does not exist, but it is definitely news that fills us with enthusiasm. Once it is given, the mother’s mind begins to work and she thinks about the responsibilities that this brings with it, how she should take care of her, how her life will change from now on. In short, many questions and insecurities began to arise. One of those doubts is how is it possible to reconcile the working relationship with the family one without affecting either of them.

It is important to have a good organization at home and that routines are well established. The help of the partner, in this case, is essential to be able to achieve a good balance, both at home and at work. On the other hand, the diet of each woman at the time of pregnancy should be, obviously, full of nutrients and minerals. Since all these nutrients are needed by the baby while it develops in the mother’s belly.

You will also need them after you are born. The most recommended will always be breast milk. It is everything your baby will need after 6 months of age. But if you must return to your work routine after giving birth and having passed the time of “maternity leave”, you should consider leaving a good supply of your milk so that the baby does not lack. After delivery, it is important that you continue with the same healthy diet. Remember that your baby continues to feed through you. And anything you consume will affect the baby as well.

That’s why mom, a good organization is essential if you want to get pregnant. Consider the before and after. In addition to stressful situations. What should I do if …? Who could help me if this happens …? Always ask yourself the positive, but also the negative.

And do not forget the most important thing, pamper your baby.


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