Care after cesarean surgery

Care after cesarean surgery

The scar from a cesarean section requires certain special care to reduce discomfort and achieve a better aesthetic result. It probably seems impossible to manipulate it at first but yes, it is possible. Cesarean section is an incision in the skin and the fatty subcutaneous tissue, then separating the abdominal muscles. The thin layer of the peritoneum is then torn and an incision is made in the uterus. Later, when the baby is born, all these layers must be closed in the reverse direction in which they were opened.

Suturing properly to prevent any bleeding. Wounds that have been made must heal. For this, surgical staples or stitches are used in the skin. Inside the operating room, a dressing is placed that will cover the scar for 24 hours. If it is stained do not be scared, it is something common when dealing with a cut.

It is normal that after a few minutes, you feel pricks or that your skin stretches when you get out of bed. You must be careful not to force this area of ​​your belly. You can try lying on your side before sitting up, drinking plenty of water, walking when possible, and if necessary use a mild laxative.

What you should take care of is:

  • The dressing was not stained with abundant red blood or pus.
  • Do not feel very intense pain.
  • The wound has a bad odor.
  • There is no redness around the scar.
  • Don’t have a fever.

If any of these symptoms occur, you need to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. So I can take care of you and make sure everything is fine. If you have staples placed in your cesarean section, they will most likely be removed between 7 and 12 days. The main care from now on is to keep the scar clean and dry.

If it is summer, you must be careful with sweat. You will probably still feel discomfort but don’t worry, it is completely normal. Remember that a C-section is major surgery, and it will take some time to recover from it. In certain cases, the cesarean section wound can become infected. It can also be opened. Therefore, you must take the necessary care. Use neutral soaps when taking a shower and carefully dry the area well. You can use gauze pads that cover you until you feel a little more secure so that your clothes don’t scratch at the wound. In any case, your doctor will determine which antibiotic is the right one for you if your cesarean section is to go through any problem.

Another important thing is that you must take rest, do not lift heavy things, do not bend down or exert yourself. Regularly when a mother comes out of a cesarean section, she needs help with the baby as the scar heals to the point that she can move on her own. Have everything at hand so you don’t have to get out of bed many times.


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