Caring for my baby’s skin

Caring for my baby's skin

You surely think that there is nothing more perfect than your baby’s skin, right? So much so that you can’t stop touching and caressing her, that your baby loves. Taking care of your baby’s skin is an important task for parents. Why? Here we will tell you …

Your baby’s skin is soft and smooth, it is also very resistant and elastic. This is constantly renewed in life, even before birth. Sometimes the skin of a newborn is not at all similar to what we are describing now, but do not be alarmed, that is normal. Your baby’s skin may be red or scaly in the first days, the area of the wrists, knees and feet can bleed as he adapts to exposure to air. This is normal, you can use an ointment that keeps these parts lubricated and very soon your baby regains the softness of his skin.

Although your baby’s skin does not present these types of problems, it is important that you keep it hydrated and nourished. Choose to use products that are fragrance-free and have ingredients that are mild or organic, such as mineral oil. It should not contain substances such as alpha hydroxy acids or sunscreen. Babies should not be exposed to direct sunlight, a baby can burn in 10 to 15 minutes, even if it is cloudy. Your baby’s clothes should always have one more layer than yours, since their skin is more delicate and they are more vulnerable to cold and heat. On hot days, avoid wearing that extra layer. Constantly check your baby if he is comfortable or not. 

On the other hand, the baby’s skin can be irritated by new clothes or detergents used for washing.To avoid these problems,

● wash the baby’s clothes and those of his bed before he uses them.

● During its first months, wash the baby’s clothes separately.

● Use mild detergents and rinse twice. Before all this, enjoy that beautiful skin that your baby has




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