Childhood Obesity


Childhood obesity is an important topic to talk about and that parents should be very clear about. Living a lifestyle full of bad habits can lead to a wave of health problems in the not too distant future. And although we may not have been raised in this way, we must inform ourselves and teach our children that having a balanced diet will give them a better quality of life in different aspects.

There are more and more obese children and it is very sad. Today, children are more entertained with technology than with outdoor games. So they do little physical activity. How can we parents prevent childhood obesity at home?


Children with obesity perform poorly in school, find it difficult to sleep, become socially isolated, lose mobility and have low self-esteem. In addition to these problems, they are accompanied by serious diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Although we think that these types of diseases are only suffered by adults, the truth is that children with obesity can also suffer from them.



Avoid giving your children large amounts of sugar, processed foods such as sweet breads, cookies, sodas, hamburgers, fried foods, and all foods that are considered “fast.” Anything that is high in calories and contains colorants can be deadly. You should also avoid very salty foods. Choose better to inculcate your children to eat fruits and vegetables, to eat at home and with the family. Physical exercise is just as important as eating a good diet. Going for a run with the children, playing sports for at least 30 minutes a day is more than enough.


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