Constipation in children

Constipation in children

Constipation in children, how to solve the problem.

During the first 12 months of your baby you have had a great time, but surely you have begun to notice a change in your baby that you did not do before. He cries when it’s time to go to the bathroom. Constipation in children usually appears after their first birthday, generally this is because moms stop giving breast milk to their babies and start giving milk formula. Milk formula is usually low in fiber and this causes constipation in the baby. It is not something that is considered serious, since this is alleviated by adding more fiber to the baby’s food.

During the day, your baby can be wonderful, but when he wants to poop is when the crying begins. That is because the baby has to make an effort to try to make stools that are very hard and that causes pain. Some milk formulas tend to be heavier than breast milk, and the milk change affects the baby’s intestine. If your child’s stool is lumpy, it doesn’t mean he’s constipated. When your baby cries when trying to go to the bathroom, then it is constipation.

Constipation in children is caused by a low fiber diet and slow transit. Specialists recommend that parents eat a diet rich in fiber, this can be obtained in porridges made of cooked and ground vegetables, you will notice the change almost overnight. When the poop remains in the intestine for several days, the body absorbs the wet again, which is why they become harder and drier. If your child is older, it is important that he knows that he should not put up with the urge to poop because this will only make the problem worse. Generally, you will only need to make a change in the baby’s diet to solve this problem, but in case this does not improve with that, it will be necessary to go to the doctor for a diagnosis. Do not use laxatives on your child, medical supervision is necessary before administering any medication. It is very rare that you need to use medication. Try adding more fiber to your child’s meals and he drinks plenty of fluids. This will be enough for sure.


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