Craving for soap?

Craving for soap?

Craving for soap

What does this mean?

It is not a secret that pregnant women get some strange cravings at some point of 9 months, but these are not only found in food but also certain women want to eat soap, plaster or dirt, among other strange things. Experts say that this usually happens when there is some type of nutrient deficiency that should be given due attention. But what if cravings are not met?


Cravings can occur at any time and in any month. And these are due to the hormonal changes that women present during pregnancy, for example:

● Cortisol, which is released with stress.

● Estradiol influences changes in the reproductive system.

● Prolactin, which helps the production of breast milk.

Changes in hormones connect with the senses and the external environment.These occur in the hypothalamus, which is the brain area that is associated with appetite control, this intervenes in eating behavior, thus affecting psychological changes in pregnant women. These psychological changes are of the type of anxiety, worry or fear about the arrival of the new baby and are manifested in cravings.

Here we leave you some clues that nutritionists have given us.

– If you have a craving for soap, ash or hair, it is related to a decrease in minerals such as iron and zinc.

– Craving for chocolate? that may refer to a vitamin B deficiency.

– If you’ve been given high-sugar foods, you probably
have a blood sugar deficit.

Between your cravings, be aware of what kinds of things you want to eat and ask your doctor who is in charge of your pregnancy if you may have any deficiencies. And if he says that everything is fine, then eat those delicious chocolate ice cream cravings!


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