Dizziness during the trip. Tips to avoid nausea.

Dizziness during the trip. Tips to avoid nausea.

Who is not excited to travel to other places? Traveling by car is definitely one of the best adventures children can have when they are young. Something that we can not forget are the bags for dizziness. Although not all children experience dizziness, there are others who surely do. But, let’s see why children get motion sickness on travel. If your child is one of those who gets dizzy during road trips, these tips will help you reduce his dizziness. Note that they are not 100% removed.

Motion sickness is a balance disorder due to movement in people who travel. It happens because the body is stopped but everything moves around. The cause of dizziness is due to a loss of balance. In which the incoordination between life and the sensations received by the inner ear and our musculoskeletal system intervenes.

When we get dizzy, we have a feeling of instability that is accompanied by sweating, paleness, yawning, salivation, nausea, and vomiting.

  • Keep your eyes on the horizon. Whenever possible.

  • It is not convenient to go reading, writing, painting, drawing, or with your eyes on a screen.

  • Try not to travel hungry or after eating a lot.

  • When driving, avoid rough driving.

  • Keep the temperature and pleasant ventilation inside the car.

  • Distract your children with songs or games, this will also help them.

  • During sleep, dizziness does not appear. The children could also

take a nap during the trip.

If your child has already got dizzy, it’s time to stop for a while to get down to rest, get some air and eat something. It is important to bring changes of clothes in case of an accident, wipes, etc. I hope these tips help you avoid motion sickness in children while traveling.




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