Do you have symptoms? You are probably pregnant.

Do you have symptoms? You are probably pregnant.

Do you think you could be pregnant? Maybe you start to feel symptoms that give you a clue. Tiredness, heaviness in the stomach, nausea or simply your period has not arrived. I think it’s time to take a test. Here I will talk about the most common symptoms that women begin to feel when they get pregnant during the first days or weeks. Since conception occurs, changes begin to occur in your body that you will notice more or less soon. There are women who have symptoms in the first days and others who take months.

What symptoms might I feel in my first weeks of pregnancy?

  1. Menstrual delay – Week 4
  2. Small blood loss – Week 1-4
  3. Abdominal pain – Week 1-3
  4. Tenderness and bloating – Week 4-6
  5. Nausea and stomach heaviness – Week 4-6
  6. Abnormal tiredness – Week 4-5
  7. Very frequent urge to urinate – Week 4-6
  8. Increased sensitivity to odors – Week 4
  9. Abdominal bloating – Week 4-6

Normally, it is expected about 5 days from the menstrual delay to be able to do a pregnancy test. First, because it is the most obvious sign that can tell us that you are pregnant. And because by now you would be producing the hCG hormone in large quantities to be detected. If your test has come back positive, the next thing is to make an appointment with your obstetrician to monitor your entire pregnancy, check that everything is in order and what is the correct way to take care of your new mommy’s belly.




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