Does your child have trouble going to the bathroom?

Does your child have trouble going to the bathroom?

One of the things that women face when they are mothers is that children suffer from constipation in their first months of life, or even more years later. Constipation is difficult in pooping. It is a very common disorder in babies, since bowel movements and sphincter relaxation have not yet matured enough.

Consequently, the baby is upset, irritated and crying when he wants to go to the bathroom. Generally, this is usually eradicated by just feeding the baby with breast milk. However, it will be necessary to have an appointment with the pediatrician for an evaluation and avoid that it is another problem of a different nature.

If your 3- or 4-year-old continues to have these digestion problems, there are certain home methods that you can help with.

  1. Massage your baby’s belly.
    Preferably clockwise.

  2. Give him a glass of cold water to drink, and then give him breakfast that includes whole grains and fresh fruit.

  3. Give him orange, mango or pineapple juices to drink. This helps them that the slow traffic is not slower. Plums, grapes, or kiwi also work.

  4. Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is definitely what a slow transit needs.

  5. Another thing that is important is physical activity.

  6. Teach your child how to go to the bathroom. How you should sit correctly to facilitate evacuation.


Ensuring that your child has good gut health is vital to good mental health. Children can become afraid every time they have to or feel like going to the bathroom. And all of this can be created as trauma. At all times, it is highly recommended to take your child for a check-up for a more accurate diagnosis.


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