Does your son not listen to you? It could be a brain problem.

Does your son not listen to you It could be a brain problem?

Does your child not listen to you? It is relatively common to find yourself in this situation where the child does not listen and you have to repeat things several times. The child enters a world and isolates himself. But this disconnection is selective and depends on the moment. It is as if sometimes he does not listen and other times he does.

If this happens with your child, it is important to analyze whether the cause of this response has a brain, physiological or behavioral origin. The human ear is designed to hear a frequency band at a certain number of decibels. Sometimes it happens that you hear more than some frequencies, which implies auditory hypersensitivity and others, however, that you hear less.

All this affects the way in which the child relates to the world. A hyperacusis can cause some noises to be annoying, sudden noises that startle or sounds like the mixer or the dryer frightening. On the contrary, hearing loss makes it less audible and therefore the surrounding sounds are not detected in the same way. In both cases, this can lead to a disconnection of the child from the environment. These two effects are commonly found in children with learning disabilities.

Although we know that children have to repeat things several times, we must be careful and efficient in the way we communicate with children. It is common for parents to issue warnings instead of requests. For example, “Don’t be deaf”, “Everything doesn’t matter to you”, “Don’t pay any attention”. Using these types of phrases you are only reaffirming your child’s response and reinforcing this type of attitude. We must make a radical change in how we communicate so that the message is received.

  • When addressing your child, eliminate distractions.
  • Look for eye contact.
  • Simplify the message you convey to your child.

Good communication is essential for the proper development of children. If the problem persists, you may want to consider testing with a specialist and determining whether or not there is a problem.


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