Electricity And Babies Do Not Get Along


Many times we can notice the danger that is inside the house for our children, but there it is. Electricity is one of them. Especially when they are young and learning to walk or crawl. That is why we leave you some tips to avoid any risk or accident that may occur. According to pediatric experts, children begin to put everything in their mouths, therefore you have to do a general review of the house and protect all the electrical inputs you find, in addition to the corners of furniture, stairs, etc.

In particular, care must be taken not to leave the chargers connected to the current because children can put the cables in their mouths and get electrocuted. That is why I leave you the following tips that the WHO have shared with us:

  • Cover the plugs with protectors.

  • Place the plugs at a height out of the reach of children.

  • Under no circumstances should the cables be carried on the ground.

  • Periodically check the condition of the plugs.

  • Repair electrical appliances.

  • Unplug any appliance you’re not using.

  • Never leave them near water.

  • Never plug in appliances that have gotten wet.

  • Make sure that the child does not touch any electrical appliance while he is barefoot.

  • Do not connect electrical appliances near the bathtub.

  • Avoid multiple connections.

  • Never leave cables of electronic devices unattended.

  • Try not to connect cables to plugs while the child is watching.

If the child suffers from an electric shock, the main electricity breakers in the house should be turned off immediately. Lay the child on the ground if he is unconscious and urgently call the doctor and strictly follow his instructions until help arrives. And if it has been a slow or short discharge, the child will probably stay crying for a while as it will generate some kind of ailment. In these cases it is better to try to distract them and calm them until the pain passes. It usually goes away quickly.

Therefore, you have to be three times as careful.


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