Five senses of the baby

five senses of the baby

How to stimulate the five senses of the baby

There are many things that parents must take into account when they have a baby and one of them is to stimulate the five senses from the cradle. With this, it will favor to the maximum their correct psychomotor, physical and mental development throughout childhood. In addition, this helps the baby to become familiar with the world around them, stimulating the interaction of the little one with everything around him. The best thing is that this can be done from home and through games that they will love. Children associate the playful process with fun, therefore, they will be stimulating taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch. Massages are a good method to stimulate the sense of touch, it also helps the baby to fall asleep and regulates respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal functions.


But .. what kind of games are those that will help the child to better develop his senses

  • Arenero
  • Board of textures.
  • Colored balls.
  • Sensory books.
  • Games where the face must be changed. (Mr.  Potato, for example)
  • Painting with hands and feet.
  • Cards of colors and smells.
  • Fabrics with different textures.
  • Sand balls, buttons, rice, etc.
  • Personalized cards with different textures.

This type of games with textures, smells and colors will make the baby better develop the senses. Learn to differentiate the colors and you will know that each thing has a different smell and feel. Another thing that is fully functional is teaching you to open bottles, close doors or drawers, simple things in everyday life. This also helps the baby to develop better. Parents are sure to find the best ideas to help their baby grow optimally.



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