Games To Live With The Children At Home


Now that we must spend more time at home, and that the children are not going to school in person, we bring you some games that you can do with them to make this quarantine a vacation.

  • Jumping rope

  • Basketball with a ball and a basket

  • Bowling

  • Jumping into a bag

  • Art moment

  • Playing paper boat races

  • Origami figures

  • Frozen dancing

  • Tongue twisters

  • Telling lots of jokes in a minute

Spending time at home should not be a stressful time with children. We cannot always be living with them because we have to go to work, etc. So let’s make these moments enjoyable for the whole family.

We could also cook crazy recipes with the children. For example, baking colorful cupcakes and putting funny faces on them. etc.


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