Good self-esteem

Good self-esteem

How to create good self-esteem in children.

From what age do children develop their self-esteem? Specialists have clarified this question for us, they tell us that from the age of 6 children begin to develop their self-esteem and begin to compare themselves with other children. At this age, the emotional development in a child makes him feel the need to be respected not only by his parents, but also by his other classmates or friends. That is when the complexes appear. Parents, alert! Here I tell you why they appear and how to help your child fight them. The confidence that children develop in the first 3 years is the basis of how they will be in the future. If the child has grown up surrounded by love, understanding, affection and has created a good bond between him and the parents, the child will tend to have more confidence in himself to be able to do anything he sets out to do and that will help him not to create complexes of himself. Between the 3 and 5 years of the child, the stage of insecurities and fears begins, this is normal and happens in all children, this is when children create judgments in themselves and others.

These judgments are unstable and change depending on the situation in which they find themselves. For example, if the child receives a gift, then Mom and Dad are good and they love him, but on the other hand, if the child receives a scolding, then Mom and Dad are bad and do not love him. These changes disappear with time and by the time they reach the age of 6, children already have a more specific image and a slightly more stable personality. The age of 6 years is a critical stage in children, because they leave childhood and start other types of teachings such as primary education and although parents continue to be their source of attachment, his peers are already beginning to influence him. This is when children become a little more independent and begin to be themselves without parents, here they feel the need to be part of the group of friends and stand out among them.

It is important to teach our children from a young age that values are, practically, what will give them success in everything they do. And parents are responsible for the way the child behaves. That is why children should grow up surrounded by love and without violence and have a close bond with both parents.At 6 years old, children are impulsive because they are just learning to control their emotions.

Tips to strengthen your child’s self-esteem

● As I have mentioned before, the bond with the parents is of great importance. The child should know and feel that he has the support of both parents when he has a problem that he cannot understand or solve. Parental support must be the strength and courage in the child to feel capable of doing something for himself.

● Listening to your child is another important factor. When your child comes with a problem due to certain complexes, the task of parents is to listen to him and understand his pain. Comforting the child will create safety and parents should advise saying “If the other child bothers you again, you say this …” Of course it should be something that does not provoke more violence.

● Educate children positively and not be so strict expecting them to do things perfectly. Parents, acknowledge the efforts your little ones make and congratulate them when they can do something for themselves. If they fail doing something, the child should not be scolded, but rather let him know that he will do better next time.

Children should know that their opinion is just as important and should be treated with equal respect. Not because he’s small, does it mean his opinion doesn’t matter. He must feel that he is part of the family and part of the decisions.

Remember dads, that love is the basis of all good.


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