How much should my one-month-old baby weigh?

How much should my one-month-old baby weigh?

When the baby is one month old, the parents, especially the mother, have already become experts in caring for the baby. Carrying him without fear, changing the diaper and even bath time are no longer a challenge for the mother. On the other hand, the mother will already feel much better, more recovered after delivery and will be able to enjoy her baby more calmly. But it is in these moments when some moms have doubts, for example, will I be feeding my baby well? Will he be hungry? …

Relax mom, here we will help you answer those questions. The baby that is one month old, has already undergone certain changes since birth, the baby’s senses are more developed and interact more actively with his surroundings.

  • Has greater mobility
  • Controls head movement better
  • Turns head to the sides with more nature
  • Vision has become clearer
  • Sucks with greater force
  • Cries in different ways to express different things

Of course, each child is different and they develop differently. So if your baby does not make any of the movements mentioned above, do not panic. The only food your baby needs at least until 6 months of age is breast milk or formula. Preferably, breast milk since it contains all the properties and nutrients that the baby needs for a good development.

According to the WHO and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, it is important not to offer babies any other type of food and drink, not even water. Breast milk provides them with the hydration, nutrients, and calories they need to live. Babies should be fed as many times as the baby requires. When the baby lets go of the bottle or breast, it means that he is satisfied.

In the first month of life, babies grow at least between 4 to 5 centimeters in length, but there is no fixed amount of kilos that they must weigh, as we said before, each baby is different and the weight can vary. In general, a baby gains between 30 to 40 grams a day, the most important thing is that he does not lose weight. These are indicative that you are doing a good job mom.

  • Does not lose weight
  • Wet several diapers a day
  • Stays active and happy


To make sure everything is fine, you can choose to weigh the baby once a week if you want, or a month. Taking a check-up with your pediatrician will also give you more peace of mind.


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