How Should I React To My Child’s Rabies?


As children grow up they go through different stages of developmental development. The tantrums in this case, appear in one of those stages. It is characterized by being a period of time in which children are impulsive. Parents tend to get on edge when children cry and scream for no comfort and reason. And this is where we can list a list of mistakes that parents have made when trying to calm those tantrums.


This stage begins around a year or a year and a half. Then it reaches its highest intensity peak between 2 and 3 years. It will be until after 4 years when these episodes decrease. To better understand the tantrums that children have, their inability to control their emotions must be explored.  It is because children still do not have the ability to express themselves, since their communication through language is limited.


  1. Getting angry with the child.
    Adults have no reason to get angry or threaten children with negative consequences. All this behavior is achieved is that children throw tantrums just because they see how far their parents can go.

  2. Ignore the tantrum.
    You should not be indifferent in the situation in which the child is having a bad time. Children must understand that the adults around them are aware of their anger and that they are there with it.

  3. Punish the child.
    Punishing your child will only get the adult to engage in the tantrum in such a way that the child can justify the yelling and crying. I mean that as the adult responds in a negative way, the child may come to understand that he can cry more in the face of the damage received.

  4. Try to reason at the moment of the tantrum.
    If you try to reason with your child at the moment it will be impossible. In this situation, your child is unable to listen. That is why it is better to wait for it to calm down.

  5. Give in to the tantrum.
    Giving in to your child’s tantrums will only teach him that with that attitude he could get what he wants. The solution is to stand firm.

I understand that it may sound easy to read this, and very difficult to put it into practice, but it really works! Believe me, I have a chucky in my house. Although it may seem impossible, with patience and persistence changes can be achieved.


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