How should i sleep my baby?

How should i sleep my baby?

New mother? Your baby is crying and you don’t know what to do? Breathe! Do not be sad. This usually happens a lot to mothers who have their first baby (new mother). It is possible that you have already tried many tips and tricks and nothing works for you, so I want to share with you what the “lullaby” is and that it will save you from going bald from stress. Lulling the baby stands out for the practicality it has and its great efficiency! In addition, this practice in which the baby is wrapped like a burrito, be it the warmth and comfort that it had in the mother’s womb.

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It is a technique that consists of wrapping the baby in a soft blanket so that only his head protrudes. Don’t overdo it and over-tighten it either. You can use it to help calm your baby when he is irritated and you do not know why or how to fall asleep. Sometimes babies just need to be close to the mother and feel cuddled, this can cause the baby to get restless or upset sometimes for no reason, but now you know that there is a reason.

At birth, the baby leaves his comfort zone. It goes from a small and safe place to a strange and unprotected environment, so they may need to be held this way from time to time.


  • Relieves colic
  • Regulates the body temperature
  • Gives relaxation and calm
  • Provides a feeling of protection and security

The blanket you choose to implement this method must be soft and delicate that does not scratch the baby’s skin, it must also be sufficiently warm to give that warmth to the baby without being too much. Remember that when wrapping the baby in his blanket, he must have enough space to be able to move his legs, it should not be too tight and ensure that when laying him on his bed, the baby is on his back with nothing to cover his face.

I hope this trick works for you and your baby feels calmer and more confident.


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