How to avoid jealousy between the older brother and the new baby?

How to avoid jealousy between the older brother and the new baby?

In general, older children are disappointed when the baby brother arrives since they cannot play with him right away, he cries and takes most of Mom’s attention.His first reaction is usually curiosity, he has waited so long for his new baby brother to arrive that he already wants to know what he is going to say, do or how they are going to play. But they are a bit disappointed when they find that the newborn does not interact much. The older brother may change certain traits that he did not have before, such as being upset if he does not have the attention he wants, even if he already goes to the bathroom he may stop to use the diaper again and get the attention.

It is recommended that the older child sleep in his own room when the new baby comes home, this is because the newborn baby must sleep in the same room as the parents for at least the first year and if the older child must Being removed from the parents’ room to give the new baby space can cause some resentment between the older brother and the baby. Nor is it desirable that the older brother starts going to school just at the same time that the new baby arrives home, as this can also cause resentment, jealousy and the older brother will feel that he is “expelled” from the family or from the affection of parents. It is common for the new baby to receive visits, but it is important to remember that this can infuriate the older brother, attention must also be given to him and parents must recognize in front of the child that he has been very good taking care of his new baby brother and that he has done very well.

One advice… when the mother is changing the diaper of the little baby, she can show the older child how she does it and say… “Yes, that’s how I changed your diapers too”, this will create a feeling of security for the child. This way you will see and feel that he is equally important. Show affection to the older child often, spend time with him as well, and it is important not to stop playing and have quality time.

Don’t forget to thank him for the help!

When the new baby learns to do new maneuvers such as holding the rattle or a toy, tell the older brother that soon he will be able to play with him and this will create the child an emotion for his baby brother. In certain cases, there are children who from the first day accept their new little brother and protect and care for him, in addition to showing affection and affection, but if this is not your case, follow these tips and I assure you that you will solve the problem soon.


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