How To Improve The Relationship Between Brothers?

How To Improve The Relationship Between Brothers?

The arrival of a new baby is definitely very exciting, and for many children who will become older siblings it is even more so. In the end there will be someone to play with and to teach you the best games in the world. However, this feeling is not shared by all children. In certain cases, the behavior of the children changes but for the worse. Not all siblings get along, especially when they are young.

This is because there is a series of emotional events and external agents that contribute to this and that do not allow them to generate an environment of trust among children. This is a topic that interests them, mainly parents. Therefore, we set out to find information about why this happens and how we can help you solve it, so we invite you to continue reading.

Many parents notice that their children make behavioral changes when they announce that they will be older siblings, or when the baby comes home.

The first thing is that we must clarify that this change is natural and expected, since it is a new stage that they will have to face and requires their own emotional response that leads them to adaptation. Do not think that this is due to the arrival of the new baby in particular, but also with a move or any change that is generated. Every impact generates a series of regressions or emotional explosions, that is, children alter their behavior. And this is completely normal.



First of all, we should not be alarmed, as this could complicate the situation. We parents must understand that, for children, the arrival of a sibling represents a natural biological fear that they will not be able to survive because the parents will be focused on the new baby and will stop caring for him. So they can interpret the arrival of the baby as someone else stealing what until now has only been theirs. It is important to know that sibling relationships simmer. Even in adolescents it also happens.

Many conflicts between siblings can be avoided as long as the parents are as present as possible for them. Children are the priority. Housework and work are not an excuse for not spending time with them.

Another important fact is not to label siblings as older brother and younger brother. It is something that will mark them forever and when this distinction is established, you create a significant difference between them, as in the way they act.

The elder will think that he is the one who should be responsible and be the example of the younger brother, this of course will give him a load of responsibility that the older brother may not be able to with it. The best thing is to treat them equally and not make a distinction and of course not show favoritism. We leave you a few that talk about the relationship between siblings that can help you.

  1. Guantin and guantón.
  2. It does not stick.
  3. Learn to love.
  4. Topon and vole.
  5. Laura is jealous.

These stories talk about the fights, envy and jealousy between siblings and clarify why they should not happen. We hope that this information will be of great help to build a better relationship between both children.


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