How to prevent melasma in pregnancy?

How to prevent melasma in pregnancy?

It is well known that a woman when she is pregnant, experiences certain body changes. And these changes can also affect the skin. There are cases where the famous stretch marks or acne appear. And in others where melasma (hyperpigmentation) also appears. What is this due to?

It occurs between 15% and 50% of pregnant women. Depending on the degree of sun exposure. Melasma can appear at any stage of pregnancy, gradually.

The most common spots that usually appear are:

  • Redness on the hands or feet.
  • Darkening of the mammary areolas, between the thighs or under the arms.
  • The famous linea alba, which appears in the center of the abdomen.
  • If you are freckled, they could get darker.
  • Melasma spots on the face.

This happens due to the production of melanin, a natural pigment that gives your skin its color and protects it from ultraviolet radiation. This is stimulated by hormonal changes, the degree of sun exposure and genetics. Although it has no health consequences, it is aesthetically worrisome because it is very visible.

The factors that aggravate the appearance of melasma is exposure to the sun, which stimulates the production of melanin. Especially during the summer months. Dark-skinned people who live in areas with high exposure to the sun and those with a greater degree of skin damage, also some drugs that can cause a reaction can cause melasma.

The best way to prevent these spots is definitely to take care of yourself from sun exposure.

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen. I recommend that you do it even if you are not going to leave the house, since radiation enters through the windows.

Another tip would be not to use products that can give your skin sustainability. And preferably they are mineral or vegan.


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