Ideas for maintaining contact among children during the pandemic

Ideas for maintaining contact among children during the pandemic

Childhood friends are important to children their age. And although we as adults see no major problem in separating for a couple of months from our friends, for children it can be a real challenge. As we well know, in these times of pandemic, we were forced to physically separate ourselves from our friends and even family.

Just as to adults this was presented as something new, unknown and sudden, for our children the same. Imagine that they cannot go to school, stores, or parks. As children, living with other children is essential for good emotional development. So we must be careful in these aspects during these times.

That is why we leave you some ideas so that children do not feel so much estrangement from their friends.

  1. Audios by WhatsApp
  2. Video calls
  3. Online games
  4. Send letters
  5. Make a craft and send it by mail

Thanks to the advancement of technology, now we can be in contact in many possible ways. That the pandemic is not an impediment for our children to stop communicating with their friends. For them it is very important, I only remember when you were little.



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