International Dog Day

Best breeds to accompany your children

In today’s post I will bring you the best dog breeds for children. That they will become your best protective friends without the fear of being overly aggressive. On July 21, Dog Day was celebrated internationally, so today’s theme. Honoring those faithful little friends who make life more pleasant and bearable.

All dogs are great, but not all are the same. These little friends have been selected over time to help us perform different tasks. Thus, physical and behavioral differences were established according to the races. You must be aware of the selection made to get those that best meet one or other needs. Herding, hunting, company, etc. They make different races have different behaviors. In theory, any dog ​​can get along well with children, although it is true that we must choose the breed that we take home well and of course, be willing to proceed with their education appropriately. However, some breeds have characteristics that generally make them more optimal for living with children.

The great diversity of breeds is due to the fact that humans have been designing different dogs for thousands of years for different functions. Sadly, in the last 100 years this has become a dizzying event that is leading many dogs into critical situations. From physical aspects that are not functional and ignoring their health, character and well-being. Each race has genetic and behavioral differences that we have to know when choosing our mate. It is recommended that you start by looking for information about the following types:

  • Police dog
  • Military dog
  • Search and rescue dog
  • Service dog
  • Therapy dog
  • Guard and protection dog
  • Hunting dog
  • Sled dog
  • Herding dog


All of these represent certain characteristics that influence their behavior. And not all of them are ideal for a child.  For example, dogs of so-called dangerous breeds are super excellent dogs. But due to their characteristics, they require special conditions.

They are very strong dogs. Which have been designed to attack and collect prey. They are aggressive in attack and defense. Also, they have a high resistance to pain.

These dogs have an inhibited attack sequence. They do not warn by growling or threatening when they are going to attack. Once they launch the attack, they disconnect the cognitive mode and will not obey you. They are designed not to let go of their prey.

Therefore, if you decide to take one of these dogs to your home. You should consider being a born leader and keep in mind that they are single-owner dogs.  They could be great throughout their lives, but if one day for whatever reason they attack a member of your family, the consequences will be fatal.

If you are considering bringing a new member home to keep your child company, look for a puppy that is intelligent, active, and has a good temperament. So that you have the energy to play together.


Best dog breeds for children

  • Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever
    They are very affectionate and not aggressive at all.

  • Beagle
    Very playful and hyperactive.

  • Poodle
    Intelligentwith a great temperament.

  • Boxer
    He is a playful dog and likes children. In addition, he has a strong protective instinct.

  • Collie
    It is a family dog ​​and also has a guard instinct.

  • Saint Bernard
    This big man is docile and very protective. Easy to train and quiet.

  • German Shepherd
    He adapts to any situation and is a good companion and work animal. Very obedient and easy to train.

  • Bichon Maltes
    A cheerful and playful dog.

  • Mixed-breed dogs
    A good option is to rescue a dog from an animal shelter.

Education is not a matter of one day. We must be persistent and patient. It is a life-long project that you must take on with responsibility. In the meantime, enjoy this new adventure.


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