It’s time to take a bath!

It's time to take a bath!

But … Why is my baby crying? Am I doing it wrong?

Many new moms find it a bit difficult to take their baby’s bath or simply fear doing something wrong, especially when the baby cries. Fortunately, here we will give you some advice and we will tell you the correct way to bathe the baby without having to be a battle. Most babies enjoy this process, the physical contact with the parents and the attention they receive is pleasant, however there are some babies who are not a fan of taking a bath and often cry until everything is over which makes the mother or both parents get nervous and think they are doing something wrong.

The bath is part of the hygiene of the baby, although they do not get dirty like a big child, the bath removes sweat and dead cells in their skin. Bath time is a time of relaxation for the baby and also helps him sleep better. In fact, most babies tend to fall asleep after bathing, and many parents prefer to do this at night before bedtime. Take advantage of this moment mom to talk with your baby and make affections, bath time favors body contact between the baby and the mother, which projects security and tranquility to the child.

Tips for your baby to enjoy bath time

The water in the bathtub should not be filled more than 15 cm and the temperature should be close to body temperature (35 ° -37 °), if you cannot measure the temperature with a thermometer put the elbow of your arm into the water and check how hot or cold it is. Start with the cold water and then gradually add the hot water until you reach the desired temperature. Some parents do not introduce the baby into the water, but rather they empty the water on top of the baby during the bath, but it is not recommended, since as we said before, this is a moment of relaxation for the baby and the ideal is put his body in the water so that he doesn’t feel cold and starts crying. This reminds babies of when they were inside Mom’s tummy and makes them feel “at home.”

Use soaps that are gentle on the baby’s skin and that do not cause allergies or are very aggressive. Avoid those with highly artificial scents and use those that are organic or vegan. In general, these products are formulated to avoid problems in the skin of babies and improve the cleaning process. Vegetable oils promote skin elasticity and prevent irritation in the diaper area. The baby should not be left alone in the bathroom for any time. So try to prepare the entire area when it is time for the bath, soaps, towels, sponges, etc. At the end of the bath, moisturize your baby’s skin with non-damaging vegetable creams. Also, protect the baby’s umbilical cord with gauze and alcohol.

The use of talc can be toxic to the baby if inhaled, try to use body lotion instead of talc.

When babies cry at bath time it can be for different reasons, one would be that the baby’s temperament makes them irritable at bath time, another reason is that some babies feel insecure and vulnerable when they are without clothes. But don’t worry about this, if this is done often, the baby may end up adapting to bath time and may end up needing to feel good.




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