Kangaroo method

Kangaroo method

Kangaroo method for the premature baby

The difficult thing about giving birth to a premature baby is the fact that you cannot hug or touch him almost immediately. The contact between parents and babies is essential for their development, so now hospitals have chosen to try two other methods to reinforce the development of the premature baby. The skin-to-skin method and the kangaroo method. The effectiveness of these two methods is still being tested, but it is a relief for the parents and the baby, it provides calm, encouragement, peace and helps to regulate body temperature avoiding infections.


This type of care is not a fad, nor is it a whim. These are good practices that are endorsed by entities such as the WHO and the Ministry of Health. Approximately 60% of hospitals, whether public or private, implement these techniques. Clearly, parents are very grateful for the opportunity to be around their babies. It is hard after giving birth that the baby has to stay in an incubator alone. In this way, the bond between the newborn and the mother develops.


If you are in a situation like this, and the hospital where your baby is found has not offered you this option, you have the right to request it. Remember that they are methods endorsed by the WHO. Safe and reliable. Having given birth to a premature baby does not have to be a difficult and sad stage for parents, science and medicine are very advanced to this day and thanks to methods like these, the bond between the baby and his mother can continue to develop without any problem or obstacle.




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