Let your child cry

Let your child cry, see why ...

For parents, sometimes it is difficult to understand the behavior of children. As they grow older, they require more parental attention, and between household chores, work, and everything else, parents can become frustrated or stressed and explode when children cry or become more needy. In these cases, parents should avoid at all costs certain behaviors such as saying phrases to their children that they may later regret and that can damage the children emotionally and mentally. It is important to remember that when a child cries it is for some reason, crying is a way for human beings to vent or express themselves when words are missing.

In general, when children cry, parents often resort to phrases like “don’t cry” or “stop crying”, but the reality is that these words are not correct. Children’s emotions are something that parents should not suppress, because in this way children learn that crying is related to something bad and that it is something for which they should feel ashamed. This affects the self-esteem and emotional development that children will have in the future, growing up with insecurity, distrust and prejudice.

Parents, it is important that you make your children feel that they can vent freely to you. We leave you a list of words that parents usually use when children cry and that they should avoid saying them when this happens:

  • “Do not cry” Remember that crying is a way of expressing what you feel inside, instead of using this phrase, use a “Let’s find a solution together” or “cry if it is what you need to feel better”, “How can I help you?”

  • “Stop crying now!” With this we are ensuring that children do not vent and repress emotions. Empathy is the most important thing in these types of situations.

  • “I’m going to give you a reason to cry” Threatening children with these types of phrases causes intimidation, fear. Violence is unacceptable for any human being, especially children. In this way, they will be afraid to express themselves to you and will not trust that you can help them.

  • “Men do not cry” I really hate this phrase … Besides being unfair and harmful, it is a macho phrase. Men have every right to cry just like women, this does not make them less of a man. Crying has no gender.

  • “Everyone is watching you” So what? This will only create a feeling of shame every time they cry. Freedom of expression parents, remember.

  • “If you cry, I will not listen to you” WRONG! This is when children most need their parents, again, this will create insecurity and mistrust. When the child grows up, don’t complain that he doesn’t tell you anything.

I could go on and on but I think the message has been clear. Parents must understand that they are the refuge of their children and that it is very important that children know that they have their parents at all times.


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