Mastitis in lactation, whatitisand how to preventit

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast tissue that sometimes involves infection. This inflammation causes pain, swelling, warmth, and redness in the mother’s breasts. Fever and chills are also associated with it. This condition normally affects women when they are breastfeeding, although it can also occur in women who are not at this stage and even in men.Mastitis, which is related to breastfeeding, causes the mother to feel that she has no milk, which makes it difficult to feed the baby. It often happens that the mother feels rejection towards breastfeeding her baby given the pain that this causes. In short, continuing to breastfeed, even though antibiotics are being taken to treat this condition, is ideal for the mother and baby. 

What symptoms causes mastitis Breast

● tenderness.
● Swelling.
● Thickening of the breast tissue.
● Pain and burning sensation on an ongoing basis.
● Redness of the skin.
● General discomfort.
● Fevers of 38 ° C or higher.

What causes this problem?
Breast milk remains blocked in the breast, this is the main cause of mastitis.

1. Blocked breast duct. If the mother does not empty her milk completely at each feeding, the breast ducts can become blocked. This causes the milk to come back and lead to a breast infection.

2. Bacteria in the breast. Bacteria from the surface of the baby’s skin and mouth can enter the breast ducts through a crack in the skin or the nipple. Stagnant milk becomes a field of bacteria.

How can you avoid suffering from mastitis?

1. The mother must ensure that her baby breastfeeds correctly.
2. A bra that is too tight should not be worn.
3. Avoid fatigue and excessive stress.
4. No Smoking.
5. You must have a diet full of nutrients.

If this problem is not treated properly, it can lead to a collection of pus in the breast. This usually requires surgical drainage. If the mother develops signs, she should immediately go to a specialist doctor for treatment. In case you are concerned about suffering from this condition, you can approach a midwife or obstetrician for more information about how to prevent mastitis. If you do not develop symptoms and everything looks normal, do not worry and enjoy this moment so adored by mothers that are breastfeeding the baby.




Mastitis Mastitis in lactation, whatitisand how to preventitMastitis is an inflammation of the breast tissue that sometimes involves in ...


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