Message for Mom

Message for Mom

A mother’s job is one without end. From the time we wake up until the wee hours of the morning, we are always active. And of course, most of the time we are tired. However, many people consider that mothers who stay at home to take care of their children do nothing during the day. Therefore, if you as a mother have listened, or have been told something like that, I want to tell you one thing. The value that a person has does not reside in the workload. Or the number of activities you do during the day. I want to emphasize this, because sadly, working hard until you are exhausted is considered a good quality.

I do not want to say otherwise, a hardworking person is recognized for their dedication and effort. But that does not define its value. The average person sets goals and works on them to achieve them. But when you become a mother, it is almost very difficult for many to achieve those goals. And instead of focusing on the positive, we open the door to guilt or feelings of failure lurking around us. Because indeed it seems that we do nothing during the day.

When a mother stays at home all day, she does not sit down to relax as many people say and think. In reality, a mother, by staying home to take care of her children, is doing the most important work of her life. And also the most beautiful, the most exhausting, exciting and challenging. Being a mother is an experience full of emotions, ups and downs. And a lot of work. If it seems to you that you do nothing all day, it is because you are actually doing everything. You take care of, protect, attend, teach and give affection to the most important people in your life. Your children.

When you think you are doing nothing, remember this.

In the morning you get up, take care of the baby, dress them, feed them, give them time to listen to them, clean your home, wash clothes, prepare food, children’s school, homework, clean them if they get dirty or dirty around the house, you fix their hair, you play with them, you make dinner, and even after bedtime, you are attentive to them even when they are asleep. You do all this with patience and tenderness.

When you think you are not doing anything, remember all this. You may not get the award for the best employee of the month, but the best mom in the world


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