My baby is no longer a baby, Changes in 8-year-old boys and girls.

My baby is no longer a baby Changes in 8-year-old boys and girls.

Is your baby not so baby anymore? It’s true. When a child reaches the age of 8, there are already great changes from everything to everything. They learn faster, and become more independent that you almost feel like you already have an adult at home. That is why knowing well what this new stage will be like, will be of great help to you as a mother or father.

At this age, the sensory and motor changes are very different from those of the previous age. If we gave them the opportunity to play a sport, they would be the best. They have so much more energy and their muscles are more developed. Crafts would be one of the activities that they enjoy the most, more if it is with the family. Another of the most notable changes is that they all learned to speak. Using grammar correctly will give them an advantage when it comes to writing or reading.

Encourage them to read and to have reading as a hobby. It’s fun, it also develops their imaginations on a large scale. They are already able to start a conversation with other people who are not from their common environment. For example, with adults or other children that you do not normally see. So get ready, because it will be like going back to school again for you. You will have to answer a lot of questions, and having a dictionary handy would not be a bad idea.

In the cognitive area, solving mathematical, social, and natural problems will be more meaningful to them because it will be like an achievement, since their intellect prepares them to work with more autonomy. One tip here would be to encourage him or her to think about it first if they ask for your help in solving a problem. This is how you encourage them to build self-confidence. If they really can’t figure it out, discuss the situation with them. Together. Take advantage of the fact that the ability they now have to concentrate is higher. And as it is stimulated, it will be greater.

On an emotional level. It is just as important to understand that when they were 2. Or it will be just as important when they are 20. At this age, they begin to be more independent and that is when their “friends” become their friends. Now they know how to handle their emotions more and control them. For example, Do not scream like crazy when they are very excited, as they used to do when they were little.

This is when it gets a little… difficult for parents. Understand that there is a fine line between being there for them, and at the same time, giving them their space to grow and make their own mistakes. On the other hand, the things that used to scare them are now different. They will no longer be monsters under your bed, but rather fear of evaluations and criticism from their peers or people around them.

And in conclusion of everything, is that parents must always be there for the children. Spending quality time with them affects their future in every way.


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