One more reason for grandparents to share with grandchildren

One more reason for grandparents to share with grandchildren

Grandparents are an important part of our children’s lives. And that is because nowadays parents fulfill so many functions that sometimes it is the grandparents who take care of the children. Thus, while the children are nurtured by the teachings of their grandparents, they feel more active and happy to share time with the little ones.

Of course, it should be an enjoyment for both parties, and not an obligation. It should not be strenuous for grandparents since they are older and do not have the same energy as when they were younger. Best of all, thanks to a study conducted in Germany, it was confirmed that grandparents who take care of their grandchildren occasionally live longer!

Specifically, the risk of dying in the next 20 years is reduced by 37%. The study was conducted over the decades between 1990 and 2009. In a group of 500 people between 70 and 100 years. By following up on the elderly through interviews and medical check-ups.

Taking into account socioeconomic conditions, they found that most of the grandparents who cared for their grandchildren were still alive many years after the first interview. While the group that did not have regular contact with them presented a much higher mortality.

Among the group that spent the most time with their grandchildren, the health indicators were better. This is thought to be because they could release more oxytocin. Known as the hormone of love. Segregated at extremely high levels during childbirth and also during lactation. Along the same lines of studies, they pointed out that caring for grandchildren prevents cognitive deterioration but provided that the time of care is controlled.

At times, becoming the primary caregiver for grandchildren can be exhausting for grandparents. And the result could be counterproductive. The ideal is to have frequent contact with the grandchildren, so both parties benefit without being overwhelmed or stressed.


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