Outdoor games in times of pandemic

Outdoor games in times of pandemic

Although at the moment we are spending more time at home with the children, summer is definitely something that excites everyone! It is time to play in the water and run everywhere. We know that nowadays it has become difficult for our children to be able to live with other children, but for safety, that is how it should continue.

Therefore, we want to give you some ideas of the games you can play with them while they are at home. In this way we will avoid the stress that this quarantine has been leaving us all.

  1. Paint with watercolors.
    This is something that fascinates children, it can be a cardboard box turned into a stroller, an airplane or whatever the children can think of best. Also painting stones can be a good idea of ​​fun. Don’t forget the funny faces.

  2. Soap bubbles.
    Definitely when we are in the summer, all we want is to keep cool. One way to do this is to blow bubbles of soap and water, or you can also fill balloons with water and cool off while having fun.

  3. Treasure hunt.
    Draw a map so that your child can get to the “X” and find a treasure. It can be a box of candy, a toy, or anything you know that will fascinate him.

  4. Paint with your feet.
    This is another good idea, painting blankets but instead of using brushes, use your feet!

  5. Fly a kite.
    Although it seems difficult, flying a kite in the garden is possible.

  6. Fish ducklings.
    In a large tub full of water, add a few rubber ducks and play fishing.

  7. Boat race.
    Taking advantage of the tub full of water, he also uses paper wafers and they play races.

  8. Tic-tac-toe.
    One of my favorites. Playing tic-tac-toe with children can be a lot of fun.

Surely these outdoor games will be of great help to you in these times of staying at home, children can de-stress just like parents. In addition, playing outside is a great help for the development of children. It encourages concentration and physical activity. Take the time to enjoy together.



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