Parental misconduct

Parental misconduct

Parents have many questions regarding the upbringing of our children. Obviously, no one is given an answer manual when the baby is born, and for that reason we often make mistakes. One of the questions that I have heard the most is why do I treat my son badly? There may not be a correct answer. Well, each case is unique. But if I bring you some ideas so that you can have more tolerance, respect and understanding for your children. So that your expectations lower a little, and you educate them with positive emotions.

What do I mean when I say: treat children badly? Surely those cases that we usually see on the news of serious physical assault come to mind. But there is a more subtle, less visible, more consensual treatment and it is one that has to do with scorn, bad manners, yelling and insults. As a mother, I fully understand what it’s like to be exhausted and stressed. Day-to-day tasks, work, school and children can impact anyone.

There are days when our patience is reduced to nothing. And we end up getting carried away by anger and frustration. Two intense and powerful emotions that make us feel bad. This post is not to make you feel worse. But to clarify the objective, reflect and become aware. Let’s think together.

These are situations that should never be taken as normal. Because this has a great impact on the lives of our children, and even our own. Taking control of our emotions, slowing down our behavior, not verbalizing some of those thoughts that come to us in moments of anger, all this is called emotional intelligence.

The education that we have had in our childhood has a great influence on how we now treat our children. Emotional exhaustion or high expectations are another reason why we can treat children badly. It will be necessary to stop for a moment and think. What is it that causes me so much frustration?

Here I mean when there is a problem of emotions. Because drugs and alcohol are also important factors in bad behavior, but that is something that needs to be explained in depth. Parents, it’s okay to ask for help. And it is not wrong to feel that way, but rather what is wrong is how we express those feelings.


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