Physical punishment has negative effects

Physical punishment has negative effects

In previous generations it is very common to hear that parents used to spank their children to educate them. It was undoubtedly one of the most used resources to discipline in previous times. However, in recent decades it has been shown that these types of measures, instead of helping, end up damaging more. 69 studies carried out in different countries concluded that physical punishment does not correct or improve the behavior of children. Rather, they have the exact opposite effect.


When analyzing the results of each of the studies carried out, key issues were found about the use of physical punishment. For example:

  • Physical punishment consistently predicts an increase in children’s behavior problems over time.

  • Physical punishment is not associated with positive outcomes over time.

  • Physical punishment increases the risk of involvement with child protective services.

  • Physical punishment predicts a worsening of behavior over time in experimental studies.

In general, after analyzing the studies, it was concluded that the findings indicate that physical punishment is harmful to children. And besides not being effective, they make the opposite happen. Well, it increases behavior problems and other long-term problems. For this reason, there are more and more countries in which physical punishment of children is prohibited by law. And in another study it was found that children who did not suffer from child violence are less violent when they become adolescents or adults.

Think twice the next time you lose your patience. Count to 10 and breathe. Children are the most beautiful thing a woman can experience in her life.



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