Prepare the baby’s bag for the hospital

Prepare the baby's bag for the hospital

How to prepare the babys bag for the hospital

How to prepare the baby’s bag for the hospital?

You are in your ninth month and in the last days to give birth !!! You are super excited but at the same time nervous and not knowing what to do. Surely in your house you will already have the baby’s crib, the clothes, the stroller, the blankets, and… the suitcase?

What things do you need for the baby?

Many new mothers don’t know the answer and want to take even the dog, but don’t worry mom, here we will give you a list of the things you need to take to the hospital. The bag that you should take to the hospital depends on the amount of things you are going to take, these bags are called a “diaper bag” and are usually the ideal size for all things baby but there are some that are smaller and do not fit here a lot of. It is best to inform the hospital staff or the doctor who is monitoring your pregnancy about the things they need for the baby and for you. Almost in most hospitals they provide you with the necessary things for your newborn baby, but anyway here we leave you a list of the things that you can take to the hospital and that you may need.

For the baby:

● Diapers
● Soap for the baby’s bath
● Towel
● Moisturizing cream
● Socks
● Sufficient clothes for the baby, shorts, sweaters, gloves, hat, etc.
● Blankets
● Moist towels to clean the baby
● Gauze and alcohol
● Baby carrier

For the mother:

● Feminine towels
● Clothes to leave the hospital
● Comfortable shoes
● Hair brush and toothbrush
● Soap for the bath
● Towels
● Nursing bra
● Cotton underwear
● Blankets

In most hospitals They dont allow you to carry formula milk, since they encourage mothers to give breast milk to the baby so you do not need these things, in addition to bottles or pacifiers.
And calm … that soon you will have your baby in your arms.




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