Risky Pregnancy By Covid?

Risky Pregnancy By Covid?

When all this pandemic exploded last year, women who were pregnant really began to worry a lot because the uncertainty spread whether it would be safe to give birth in these times or not. How did the pandemic affect childbirth? What would the new protocols look like now? Would they be safe enough?

The cesarean rate reached 36.2% when the usual was 22%.

Preterm deliveries reached 20.6% when it was 7%.

It definitely took us all by surprise.

Covid-19 infection leads to increased morbidity for the pregnant woman if pneumonia develops. This infection may force the patient to be intubated, a situation that puts the lives of both at risk. Newborn tests were negative at birth. While others tested positive at 15 days of life. Two babies died from causes related to prematurity and another due to sudden death during the first 24 hours of delivery. All of this happened so suddenly that it caught everyone off guard.

Thanks to the studies that have been carried out throughout this quarantine year, the risks in pregnant women are lower. It is important that moms do not let their guard down at all. Although the media says that we are at little risk, we must not lower our guard. You would not only put your baby’s health at risk, but yours as well.

Following the protocol is of utmost importance. Now areas have been created specifically for pregnant women and that are isolated from any risk due to Covid. Go to your medical appointments with a mask and antibacterial gel.



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