Sexual appetite after the baby

Sexual appetite after the baby

Why did my wife lose her sexual appetite after the baby?

Definitely the birth of a new baby brings with it multiple changes in the lives of both parents, including their sexual lives. The mother, at the beginning of breastfeeding, sees her sexual desire reduced, the couple must learn to live a new sexuality in a different way and over the months a new sexual rhythm will be built that is adapted to life with the baby. In the postpartum period, naturally a woman’s libido drops significantly.

This is because the mother’s interest is solely for her young and the care is almost complete for the new baby. Men, on the other hand, can feel a bit neglected and forgotten, which is why they must adapt to many changes. The fading of the sexual appetite of women at the beginning of lactation is due to hormonal issues, after childbirth, the levels of progesterone and estrogens fall very low. These hormones are responsible for libido and fertility.

In addition, the woman begins to produce prolactin and this greatly reduces the reproductive capacity, therefore, the sexual desire. Of course, to this, add postpartum fatigue and physical wear and tear. Men must understand that the mother is focused on the care and protection of her baby, this is maternal instinct. All female mammals focus on protecting the young.

It is essential that the couple understand and understand these changes in the woman, that they respect the rhythm in which the mother adapts to the new baby and the needs of both as a couple. Together, they must build a new way of relating.



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